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Hey there, I am Deepti Gupta. I am a PhD Scholar in Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun. 


I am a hardcore biologist and love to gain more knowledge in the same field. My research interest is ungulate-habitat relationship. My work focuses on four wild ungulate species of Panna Tiger Reserve, central India. Some of the questions that influenced my research are: Do animals have different distribution in different seasons? and if yes, what habitat parameters affect their distribution? For this, I chose to study the most beautiful landscape of northern Madhya Pradesh, Panna Tiger Reserve; 22nd tiger reserve of the country. Apart from this, I have also worked in many other tiger reserves of central Indian landscape. 


Although my work is fun in itself,  I have many outdoor interests too. Apart from work, I regularly go hiking, trekking, cycling and bird watching. Amid lockdown when I could not go out, I discovered joy in star gazing too. I love painting and do acrylics, water colour, and pastel drawings about which I'll keep posting more with time. 


This blog is an irregular depository of my thoughts, activities, adventures and memoirs. In the process of unearthing the underlying patterns of movement ecology in various protected area, I have gathered numerous stories experiencing wildlife, struggling through many phases of life and trying out many different interests which I have come to treasure with every passing year. After many suggestions from family and friends, I thought of publishing them on digital media. Initiative for making this website was taken by my brother many years ago and I started this work in guilt of not making use of his efforts.


I hope, you will like my stories. Being a researcher, I welcome healthy criticism and want to learn from my each activity. Please leave a comment for further suggestions/recommendations/criticism. Good day to you!!

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